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Al Di Meola

Born: July, 22 1954 in Jersey City

World Sinfonia

The Grand Passion

Latest Album:
Winter Nights (Telarc)
World Sinfonia 2000 
The Grande Passion (Telarc

Al Di Meola's career started in 1974 when Chick Corea called him to be the guitarist for his band "Return to Forever" the premier fusion band of the 70ies. His breath-taking technique and virtuosic guitar work enabled him to succesfully launch his solo-career in 1976 after "Return to Forever" disbanded starting out with the landmark album "Land of the Midnight Sun". Twenty-One recordings among them the award-winning "Friday Night In San Francisco" (w/ John McLaughlin and Paco De Lucia) which alone sold more than 2 million copies countless awards and six million sold albums later, Al Di Meola can be counted among the most prominent virtuosos in the contemporary instrumental jazz field.

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Al Di Meola
The Infinite Desire

Al Di Meola
World Sinfonia