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Dee Daniels "Dee Daniels seems to possess all those qualities that presage first class jazz singing stardom. Her voice has a body and a range that enables her to feel as much at home with soul as with scat, with blues as with be-bop."

The Paper, Netherlands

To embody a song, one must have the right "equipment". Dee Daniels proves time and again that she does - with a four octave range that began wrapping itself around the gospel music in her father’s church choir from the age of nine in Oakland, California.

The influence of those early years is but one of the tasty ingredients that make up Dee’s unique and highly acclaimed style. Wether accompanying herself at the piano, or fronting a trio, big band, or symphony, her voice has a body and range that enables Dee to feel as much at home with soul, scat, blues and be-bop as she does with her distinctive jazz stylings.

She has given command performances for royalty, has appeared at international festivals and has performed in concert with such jazz legends as Lionel Hampton, Johnny Griffin, and Herb Ellis. Her travels have taken her troughout North America, Europe, the United Kingdom, Africa, Egypt, Japan, and Hong Kong and critical reviews attest to the fact that few singers match her warmth, sincerity, and ability to captivate an audience so completely.

Today Dee Daniels makes her home in Vancouver, Canada. he continues to perform around the world at festivals and concert dates, and, is widley recognized for her vocal clinics.

Her latest album, "Wish Me Love", was recorded with the Metropole Orchestra of Holland, and is available on the Mons Records label.

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