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Instrument: Bass

Ray Brown Trio
'Sculler Blues' taken from 'Live at Scullerīs' (Telarc)

Ray Brown "Superbass"
'Superbass Theme' taken from 'Superbass' (Telarc)

Ray Brown & Friends
'Aint That Nothing' taken from 'Some of my best friends are ... the trumpeters (Telarc)

Ray Brown started his career in the 40s as founding member of Dizzy Gillespie / Charlie Parker Quintet. Later he became musical director and husband of Ella Fitzgerald and manager of Quincy Jones. For 16 years he was member of the Oscar Peterson Trio and regular bassist on Norman Grantz's "Jazz at the Philharmonic" tours. Ray Brown can be heard playing the bass on over 2000 recordings, which makes him one of the most recorded artists in music history.

RAY BROWN died on July 2nd 2002 and left the jazzworld grieving. Please click on the following link if you wish to convey your condolences to his family and friends:

Ray Brown

Streaming Video: Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival 1999


Selected Discography
Link to Telarc
Seven Steps To Heaven
Link to Telarc
Some of My Best Friends are... the Singers
Link to Telarc
Link to Telarc
Live at Starbucks
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