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Ever since his partizipation in the Oscar Peterson Trio Ray is working on the improvement of the "TRIO SOUND", but he is not going in the direction of the usual piano-trio. His ideal set-up is what he calls the bass-trio. Many great musicians have been part of the "Ray Brown Trio" which has become a brand of itself: Gene Harris, Monty Alexander, Herb Ellis, Jeff Hamilton, Benny Green, Geoff Keezer. The latest version is the one with George Fludas on drums and Larry Fuller on piano.

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Already in his early years when Ray Brown's idol was Jimmy Blanton one of his main goals was to feature the bass as a solo instrument and not only have it play the rhythm. This effort continues until today with creating pieces for bass and symphony orchestra, or bass and bigband. Unique is the idea of having 3 of the leading jazz bass players of today perform together in the "Superbass" shows.

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